Frequencies Promo

by F.T.C.

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Preview Promo EP for the forthcoming album, Communication: Error. Which was originally suppose to be FTC's debut album, but eventually got put on the back burner to work on Anti-Human.


released December 21, 2012

All Music + Lyrics by FTC / Ayin 2011-2012
Recorded, Produced, Mixed + Mastered by FTC



all rights reserved


F.T.C. Minnesota

Dark, Eerie, Spooky and Sometimes Just Fun.
F.T.C. is a New Style of Sound Manipulation for your Ears.
Influenced by the Paranormal and the Unknown,
It started with my interest in Aliens, Abductions, Ghost and other Haunting Things that go bump in the night.
Jesse <Ayin> Roberts creates a tapestry of nightmarish visions and electronic nightmares.
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Track Name: Atmosfear
i can smell your fear
locked inside this dark
you are nothing here
i am the beat of your heart

in here i am king
you have no control
i feel nothing
i have no soul

in here i reign supreme
no one can hear you scream
you'll wish this was just a dream
i'll pull you apart at the seams

you dont belong here
in this atmosfear
nothing is clear
you need to get away from here
in this atmosfear
i am the thing you fear
Track Name: Outside Interfearance
infected and collected
the dna from you
intercepted and rejected
the message gets through

numeric countdown
to an ending
no one could see
darkness in the skyline
advanced beings

clouds split wide open
lights come from up above
cherish these final moment
the invasion from above

circles in the sky
break through the cloud line
friend or foe
nobody really knows

circles in the sky
break through the cloud line
they destroy all you see
interplanetary species

circles in the sky
our bombs burn high
we try to overcome this threat
while others live through it

a war breaks out in the sky
a new way of life
bombs fill the airwaves
millions will die

amongst all this chaos
the armies have died
you have to figure out
a means to survive

meanwhile on the ground
a resistance is formed
to wipe out and exterminate
these new life forms
Track Name: We Ain't Found Shit
searching for something you just cant find
you scratch and you dig to the back of your mind
you try and you try but you just cant hide
all of the darkness thats build up inside

sample: we aint found shit
of whats left of me
sample: shit
of what i could be
sample: shit
of this agony
sample: shit
that takes hold of me

looking for something that cant be found
head in the clouds and your feet on the ground
you try to break free but your still bound
give it all up for total meltdown

sample: we aint found shit
of whats left of me
sample: shit
of what i could be
sample: shit
no apology
sample: shit
for what i cant see